Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

  Contributors Fall/Winter 2006


Usha Akella, Jeffrey C. Alfier, Charles Behlen, Anna Blake, Anne Blonstein, Bill Brown, Anita Cantillo, Michael Catherwood, Hannah Craig, Eric James Cruz, Marita Garin, Jennifer Gresham, Wendell Hawken, Todd Hearon, David Higginbotham, R.J. Lambert, Ed Madden, Charles Edward Mann, Amy Murre, B.Z. Niditch, David Pratt, Gretchen Primack, Alexis Quinlan, Dian Duchin Reed, Renee Ruderman, David Salner, M.A. Schaffner, Andrea Shaw, Robin Shectman, Brian Simoneau, Richard Spilman, Cheryl Stiles, Charles Thomas, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Don Winter

Larry D. Thomas, Stark Beauty; Paul Christensen, Hard Country; Scott Hightower, Part of the Bargain; and Naomi Shihab Nye, You and Yours

Cover Photography:
The Calm by Polly Chandler

Photographs by Polly Chandler



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