Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review received funding in part from the Texas Council for the Humanities to produce a web audio project in conjunction with its print publication.

True to the outward-reaching mission of the journal, the web audio project is an online anthology that features a diverse group of poets--established writers as well as new talent--and their work. Using sound and interactivity, the site explores poetry, the literary process, and a wide range of cultural and historical issues.

Online readers will be able to examine timely issues within a historical context such as the condition of urban neighborhoods, the effects of war, and the preservation of the environment through contemporary poetry. One of our primary aims is for this site to be used as an educational tool in schools.

Our thanks and appreciation extend to the Texas Council for the Humanities, poets, interviewers, journal volunteers and our new and longtime readers. Send us your comments and ideas.

Borderlands is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

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