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To access the poetry and recordings, click on a poet's name. A page will open listing the featured poems, the poet's bio, literary influences, and other information. Click the name of a poem to read it. Click the poem notes link to show questions that open up notes in the side windows.

Several MP3 recordings, denoted by the icon, follow each poem. Although some of the side notes link to recordings for convenience, it is possible to listen to all of the recordings on this website without viewing the side notes.


This website features 79 recordings in MP3 format. The speed of your internet connection determines the rate at which you can download them. This site offers each recording in a high fidelity, CD quality format, and a low-fidelity, radio-quality format that is faster to download.

connection type
average data transfer rate
2 min. recording at radio quality (16 kbps)
2 min. recording at CD quality (128 kbps)
56K modem 2 kbps 1-2 minutes 18-30 minutes
residential DSL modem 144-kbps 2 seconds 10-15 seconds
residential cable modem 1 to 2 mbps instantaneous 2 seconds

The start page has a link that allows you to switch back and forth between the CD quality site and the radio-quality site.

MP3 Software

Download any of the following software applications to play MP3 files on your PC or Mac. If you own a newer computer, this software may already be installed.

Saving the Recordings

We encourage you to save and duplicate the recordings for educational use. To save a recording on a PC, right click a link with the symbol and choose Save Target As... Save the MP3 file to your hard drive, zip disk, or CD-R.


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